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Until now, building a resume has been a tedious and painful process. Think about all the things you have to worry about when constructing your resume:

  • spelling and grammar
  • formatting and presentation
  • highlighting the right skills, phrases and keywords
  • consistency in using bullet points vs hyphens
  • consistency in formatting dates and numbers
  • aligning dates and numbers
  • font and typography
  • accuracy of your contact information
  • making sure there are no dead links

And after spending all that time and effort, you can’t be sure if the resume is ATS-friendly (parsable by Applicant Tracking System software) and whether recruiters and hiring companies even got a chance to look at it before you saw that auto-rejection email.

Using advancements in technology and generative AI, most of these daunting and tedious tasks are simplified and automated. Now you can focus on your career — preparing for the interview and securing that dream job. makes it easy, simple and fun to build your resumes with the help of generative AI.

Eliminate writer’s block with generative AI

Simply having a strong education, experience, or skills isn’t sufficient if you struggle to articulate them effectively. Writer’s block is a common hurdle, making it challenging to know where to start or what to say.

Using generative AI,, can help overcome this block by providing initial suggestions. By leveraging Language Models (LLMs), offers content ideas to describe your degree, work experience, and projects. Use these suggestions as a starting point to create compelling content that highlights your unique strengths and experiences.

Enhance content using generative AI

AI can help rewrite content descriptions on your resume to make them more interesting and relevant in ways you might not have thought of before.

AI Skill Suggestions leverages LLMs purpose-built around candidate profiles to help you identify and highlight the relevant skills based on the content of your resume. Leverage the skills recommended by to enhance the relevance and competitiveness of your resume.

Formatting and Presentation offers a growing library of hand-picked, professionally crafted resume layouts that have been carefully optimized for digital display, print and screening software. You can confidently pick from a set of visually pleasing, professionally curated layouts that are ATS-friendly.

Resume Analysis

With’s Resume Analyzer tool, you can easily identify typos, grammar mistakes, inconsistencies in language, formatting issues and areas for improvement.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

We take pride in our UI because it is extremely simple and intuitive so you can focus on getting that job. Give it a spin yourself and let us know what you think about here.